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"To whom it may concern,

I have during my years been working with several translators in the world.

Ms Nikolaus is by far the best of them. Especially how she is performing the translations without disturbing the sales meetings or trainings and even so when there is several translators in the room. She is always updated on the topics and has a very high understanding about the messages that should be transferred and are making sure that nothing is missed out in a very smooth and appropriate way. I can truly recommend Ms Nikolaus as translator from German to English or the opposite for any company in the world.

Ronny Lindskog Managing Director Resort: Marketing and Sales Europe

Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH Damalige Position: Manager Automotive systems Festool GmbH


"Ms. Nikolaus translated a complex contract with lots of legalese and in part technical annexes from German into English for us in next to no time. Ms. Nikolaus proved to be very reliable and passed in an extremely satisfactory result at precisely the time agreed. This is why I can recommend Ms. Nikolaus' translation services without any reservations. " Dr. Robert Schwinghammer, Head of Regulatory Law, lawyer, Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG 27 Nov. 2013


“I came to know Ms. Nikolaus to be an extremely competent, fast and conscientious translator, and working with Ms. Nikolaus was uncomplicated and a great pleasure. I was particularly impmressed by how fast Ms. Nikolaus familiarised herself with the matter and how convincing her legalese was. I look forward to continuing our cooperation!" 27 January 2014 Antonia Gstrein, Senior Regulatory Counsel, Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG


"Extremely reliable/accurate and always delivered on time - very pleasant to work with." Martina Hofstetter, law firm GSK Stockmann + Kollegen, 28 Nov. 2013


“Ms. Nikolaus and I have been cooperating in the field of translation and review of translations for several years now. I very much like to work with her because I appreciate her comprehensive knowledge of the subject, the high standards she applies to her own work, as well as her thorough work approach. I look forward to completing more projects with her in the future!" Elke Müller, lawyer-linguist, 19 Dec. 2013


"Ms. Nikolaus was my simultaneous interpreting colleague at the Paramount Group Inc. conference. She proved to be an extremely reliable and professional colleague in the interpreting booth. She was extremely well prepared and her performance in the interpreting booth was excellent. I look forward to working with her again!" Susanne Neumair, conference interpreter, 2 December 2013


"Melanie Nikolaus is a very good conference interpreter. She came very well prepared for this difficult topic and has gathered a lot of knowledge on this specialist area. She was a good and pleasant colleague to work with.

Maria-Louise Lehmann, conference interpreter, 29 November 2013


"I have been working with Ms. Nikolaus regularly since 1996 and over the years I got to know here as an extremely professional, experienced and reliable colleague who I always enjoy working with. It is a matter of course for Ms. Nikolaus to adhere to deadlines, the quality of her work is excellent. Especially in the fields of interpreting and law she has gathered a remarkable degree of expertise owing to long years of experience and continous professional development. I can recommend Ms. Nikolaus' services without the slightest reservation." 28 Nov. 2013


"I had the opportunity to complete several translation projects and interpreting assignments together with Ms. Nikolaus and I came to know her to be an extremely professional, diligent and reliable colleague! The quality of her work is top notch throughout and she has a professional work approach. I would also like to point out her pleasant and friendly character. I can warmly recommend Ms. Nikolaus' services and look forward to our next project together!"  26 Nov. 2013


"I have been working with Melanie Nikolaus successfully for several years and I always enjoy working with her. I have never experienced any communication issues with her. She has a professional work approach and her translations from German into English and from English into German are of first-class quality. She always adhered to deadlines. I can recommend Ms. Nikolaus without reservations, both as a customer and as a contractor." 14 July 2010


“We have been working with Ms Nikolaus for several years already and have always been very pleased with the quality of her service as well as her adherence to deadlines." 20 January 2014

Daniel Lugner, consultant, Daniel Lugner Consulting


Great job on the resume by the way.  its good to have in German as well for the future.
I. M. A.,
Attorney & Registered US Patent Agent


Hi Melanie,
The documents arrived today. All I have to do is go to the post office and pick them up. Thank you very, very much!
P. S., Freising

It was a pleasure to meet you and i hope we will meet again soon! I told you, youre English is perfect. Because of this and the experienced teachers at Festool I got to understand a lot of new things about Festool machines.
          Hope we meet soon!!!!
  Tudor Iacob, TTS Romania

Melanie - many thanks for your work. I really appreciate you! I will call you if anything comes up.
L. M. T
Global Development Manager

Hi Melanie,
  Thanks for delivering the translation early; we really appreciate your efforts. My wife will contact you on her return next Tuesday.
With kind regards,
Alan Twigg
Twigg translations








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